Peace Building Network of Zimbabwe

The Peace Building Network of Zimbabwe (PBNZ) was formed in August 2007 with the specific intent to create a space where organisations working in the peace building field can meet to share ideas and expertise. From the knowledge acquired within this space, these organisations are able to implement their activities in a coordinated way for the benefit of the communities within which they work. PBNZ aims to reduce the often fragmented way peace building work is carried out in communities.

a1PBNZ member organizations have solid experience working with rural and urban communities, church leaders, chiefs and traditional leaders, politicians (at the local and national levels), women, youth, students, police, military, civil society organizations and networks, civil servants, nurses and doctors, war veterans, caregivers, social workers, and academics. PBNZ member organizations' peace building work is located in each province. They offer a diversity of services and cover many areas of expertise
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